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HOW TO WIN LOTTO, by Marion TD Lewis

Hello everybody! So, it has been about 2 years since I published my last book and I just finished my latest called, HOW TO WIN LOTTO.  Don't giggle. This one is so much fun. It is available on Amazon. The idea behind How to Win Lotto is that there is a certain mindset that it takes to win the big jackpot. At least, this is what I think. I play the lottery fairly regularly because I am convinced there is a way to win, there is a mindset that is necessary in order to win. This book is an experiment to see if I am right. I probably should not have shared my strategies till after I win because now everybody will know the strategies I am using and they could possibly use some of them and win before I do. But. There you have it.

So, where does How to Win Lotto fit in the my quest to write 100 books? I have to be honest. It is about # 21 or so. I have only done 21 so far. I slowed up a lot because life got in the way. Would you believe I still have not finished the book about Alimony which was the next one in line since 2016??? I got totally side-tracked!

So here is a copy of How to Win Lotto if you are interested in purchasing it. Click here to go to Amazon and get your copy today.

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Up With the Ridiculously Inflated Price of Books on Amazon by self-published authors?

I am a little bit confused about something. I have set up my Amazon Author Central Page and uploaded my books with all the prices on kindle and for the paperbacks.

However, I have noticed that within days all the prices or close to all of them have been randomly changed.

What is up with this?

So for example, some of my books are showing a list price on Amazon for $111.00 or more! It is absolutely insane.

Have you had this happen to you and if so what can I do to get this addressed by Amazon?

I mean obviously if someone comes across a paperback by an unknown author for $111.00 they are going to balk and not buy the book. So this seems to be injurious to authors that Amazon would allow people to go in an jimmy with the prices of people's books. It annoys me, I have to say.

So my latest book is my memoir called When Jeannie Went to Paris. It has a list price of $9.99. I have listed it on Create space here. And it will be live on Amazon in a day or so. But the price is $9.99. I repeat: $9.99. If you ever see it for more, just know that it is not the price I requested. This book is $9.99. And you can get it on createspace (an Amazon store) as well as on directly on Amazon.

Things to do in Paris: The Memoir is Done!

So I have finished the memoir. It chronicles my first month in Paris. It will be available on Amazon on September 13, 2016.


Friday, September 2, 2016

BULLY: Recommended Book About Bullying and How to Handle Being Bullied


The other day, I had dinner with a friend who told me that when he was a youngster, he used to be mercilessly bullied by other kids. Turns out that is something with which I could personally relate because I have been affected by bullying throughout my life. So we chatted about that and we even talked about how Donald Trump, the 2016 US presidential nominee is supposedly the biggest bully ever.

It was an interesting talk for what it was worth and after, I put it out of my mind for the rest of the evening but the next day, I found myself writing about this topic and within 24 hours, I had completed a book called BULLY: It's Not Just Trump.

Because guess what? I realized that the world has become (as my friend Elizabeth so elequently put it when I subsequently spoke with her about the matter) "A cesspool" of intimidation.

Bullying is a problem not just on school yard playgrounds but even in close interpersonal relationships like marriage. On Divorce Saloon, a recent post poses the question about DIVORCING A BULLY.

I don't know what number book this makes in my "write 100 book challenge" but BULLY is now live on Amazon.  Be sure to pick up  a copy on Kindle or in paperback.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Edition: Best Selling Book About Donald Trump 2016

This is the new, updated edition of the best selling book about Donald Trump: So You Think You Can Be President. Available on Create Space -  Amazon 

Recommended Book For Lawyers in Private Practice



Read this essential book for lawyers written by a lawyer, that every young lawyer and lawyers in private practice should read:

The Divorce Lawyer’s Toolkit: Your Secret Weapon For Getting Ahead of the Competition was written by a lawyer for lawyers – especially those who are in private practice and are in the beginning years of their careers. This is an essential book for lawyers that every young lawyer should read.

Let’s face it, lawyers are a dime a dozen on every block in every city in every neighborhood in every state in the country. Actually, there is a glut of lawyers in the world. Everybody and their brother Jimmy is a lawyer. So the competition is fierce. How do you stand out and distinguish yourself from the herd? Well, naked lawyers stand out but they are not very distinguished and they certainly aren’t going to bag those clients. So you need to think differently but not so differently that you make a jack ass of yourself.

What Marion TD Lewis attempts to do with this book is not to solve all your business development problems  with one book but to offer you another good resource in your toolkit to help you succeed in your career and your law practice.

The truth is that building starting and sustaining a practice is not easy. It takes hard work, planning, patience, good support and the right tools.

This book will help you. It is a good tool devised specifically for you to help you succeed – if you are serious about your success. Read it and digest it and put the ideas into action. You will see the transformation. You will see the magic.

  • And please consider leaving a review.

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Write a Good Book and Sell It. Article by NYT Bestseller


I have been trying to engage more on Twitter and someone retweeted something I tweeted and so I went to his Twitter page and he had this link and so I thought I would share it. It is all about how to write a good book and also how to brand and how to market, etc. It is a podcast.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to Build an Author Platform Step by Step?


For starters, this post is not a "how to" manual. It is really a question. Because it is all I ever hear from publishers and from experts on websites about authors and book publishing. And there are tons and tons of articles on the Internet about the subject matter but I still am not sure if I can ever succeed at getting me one of these. And I have been reading a lot of these articles.

For example:

  • Build Your Author Platform: 7 Manageable Ways to Start From Scratch by

  • Your Writer Platform: How to Build Your Following Before the Book by

  • A definition of Your Author Platform by

  • How  to Build an Author Platform in 10 Hours Per Week by
And this is just for starters. There is just so much information on this topic! The question really is how to parse through all the noise and actually come out with a "platform" that is big enough to sell books - preferably sometime before you croak. Am I right?

I don't have the answer to this question. Below find some of the tips I picked up from my research of the issue:

First, it is important, I think, to know what an author platform is. What is an author platform? According to Chris Robley of, an author platform is a "fancy buzzword folks in the book business use to talk about an author’s fan engagement, their social media and web presence, the size and dedication of their readership, and their connectedness to other authors, bloggers, critics, agents, publicists, publishers, etc."

How are you doing so far with that? Do you have a social and web media presence and if so how big is it? The bigger it is the bigger your platform, I think. That is the rule of thumb: big social media presence, big author platform. But as Mr Robley points out, it is not just the social media. You also have to have an "in" with other authors and people in the book industry. How are you doing with that? I imagine much better than I am at this point.

Next point. You have to publish a lot to build a big platform. This means submitting work to online journals, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc. Obviously, if you are a niche writer you need to keep your work relevant to this niche and to seek out publications in your niche. (and don't worry about the rejection letters just keep submitting till you get that climax.)

After. You need a website but that is without saying so maybe the point is that you need a few websites going simultaneously, as opposed to just one website, because obviously every writer has a website or blog or both. (what is the difference anyway??) And you need a massive following on these sites and blogs. The bigger the following the bigger the blog, the bigger the platform you can boast.

Then. Get on TV or radio as often as possible discussing whatever - preferably stuff relating to your niche.

Did I say. Develop a niche? This is key to being able to target an audience that becomes your "target market" and frankly, your customers and this will go far towards building your platform.

On top of that. Name drop your celeb friends and get them to name drop your book during media appearances. Or just hitch your wagon to someone famous the way Kim Kardashian did. Or date someone famous. That way you will be famous yourself and it is the easiest way to build your platform and sell your books.

Critically important. You need a mailing list. So you have to solicit emails from people who visit your website by using pop ups & free downloads and stuff like that to entice them to sign up.

Understand this: it is all about your ability to influence. You need to be good at winning friends and influencing others with your words, deeds and achievements in order to build a big platform. How do you do this? Create value. Solve problems. Give answers to life's tough questions. They will love you.

Understand that you need to think of yourself as a brand. It's like you are the Nike in the book industry. You have to get everybody to want to "wear" you no matter how ridiculously high your price of acquisition is. How do you do this? One way is to create "scarcity" and "exclusivity." This could contradict the whole point of building a big platform because you will end up with fewer people rather than more people when you are so exclusive. But in a way, growing your platform is not just a numbers game. It is the quality of the people you have at your finger tips, not the number. The quality of people in the self-publishing domain would seem to be people most likely to buy your books. The way you brand yourself could determine who is willing to buy your books.

Finally. Join as many communities as you can and be visible in them (both online and offline.)

Check out my publications and books here: author page on

Not Making Any Sales of Your Kindle Book After All Your Efforts? The Importance of Keywords on Kindle for Self Publishers of e-Books


Not Getting Any Sales on Kindle for Your e-Book? Are you making the same mistake I was making, per chance?

I just discovered a mistake I have been making with publishing books in Kindle's digital marketplace. Apparently, I have been inept at choosing keywords to describe my books. My personal mistake is that I use all these one-word keywords rather than a combination of word strings. So instead of saying, for example "books about divorce" I would just write "divorce" as a keyword.

A friend alerted me today that this is a big mistake. He told me that people don't search using just one word. The search using a word string. So he says that I have to discipline myself that each time I write a description of my book on Amazon, that I have to use a word string as the keyword. And Kindle allows you up to 7 keywords. So this would be 7 keyword word strings.

Wow. No wonder I haven't been selling a lot of books!

So I went in and changed a bunch of kywords for most of my books. Of course now the books are in review for 12 hours so that will kill 12 hours of potential sales. But oh well. Let's see if this modification changes anything.


Check out my latest paperback

Today is Donald Trump Day!

So over the years, I have written about Donald Trump. Here are 4 of those books all available on Amazon. Just click the link:

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Useful websites & tools for WRITERS e-publishing & Self-publishing authors


I have spent the morning researching websites for self publishing authors. Really, I guess I am procrastinating. Now that I have finished Infidelity I am moving on to the next book in the trilogy, Alimony. This will be a much more difficult and involved book than Infidelity, I think. So I am kinda looking for all sorts of ways to delay. Hence, I have been just scrolling around the Internet, reading stuff. There is so much to learn! I really don't see how any self-publishing author navigates this maze and still has time to write! OMG. Case in point, below are some terms and vocabularies and websites and tools I picked up that I wanted to reinforce in my own brain. I find that when I write about something, it helps me to retain it. So if you already know these things, skip to the next post. But if you are learning with me, dig in.


1. Bookbub:
This is a little bit snooty because not just anybody can get their books talked about. But if you can pass muster, you should: "BookBub is a free daily email that notifies you about deep discounts on acclaimed ebooks. You choose the types you'd like to get notified about — with categories ranging from mysteries to cookbooks — and we send great deals in those genres to your inbox."

2. Perma Free:
It is a system of making your digital book permanently free on Amazon. check out for more details.

3. Goodreads:
A maze of a website but all self-respecting authors are on it and know how to navigate it. If you understand what they are talking about, please tell me because I just get a headache trying to figure my way around And it makes me very, very perturbed.

 4. Nook
It's a tablet and e-reader. Like Kindle. A competitor for Kindle. "Kindle Oasis v Nook Glowlight Plus"

5. i-book
A kindle competitor offered by Apple.

6. Kobo
" Founded in December 2009, Toronto-based Rakuten Kobo Inc. is one of the world's fastest-growing eReading services, offering more than 5 million eBooks and magazines to millions of users across the world."

This site is a "user board for Kindle, the family of wireless reading devices from Amazon."

"Smashwords is the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks.  We make it fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world, to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers.
FOR AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS AND LITERARY AGENTS, Smashwords offers quick and easy e-book distribution to most of the world's largest e-book retailers.  We provide free tools for marketing, distribution, metadata management and sales reporting.  At Smashwords, our authors and publishers have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of their written works.  Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, short fiction, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fiction, research reports, essays, or other written forms that haven’t even been invented yet."

A venue to post alerts for deals on your books and other things

Get feedback on stuff like book covers etc. before you publish.

"E-junkie is designed for people who want a feature-rich shopping cart for their own website or blog, without having to be expert coders or deal with the headaches of a bloated off-the-shelf software suite. We’ve gone for that perfect balance between simplicity and customizability.
How does it work? We have a Seller Admin panel where you add products and then receive short code snippets for Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons to embed anywhere you want—just copy and paste our code into your page. Great for sites on Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, or anywhere that supports Javascript (we also offer codes that work anywhere you can't use Javascript).
After your buyers build their order through a cart that displays inside your own page, we guide them to secure checkout with their choice of any payment method you accept, among the wide variety of payment services we support. After checkout, we automate and secure the digital delivery of download files and codes. We also support the sale of physical products with tax and shipping calculation, inventory management and many other features."


Click here to get it on amazon

Can Facebook Ads Help Self-Published Authors to Sell Books?


A few people have advised me to buy Facebook ads to help jumpstart my new book writing endeavour - especially now that I have finished the hot and sexy Infidelity. So, my advisers tell me that Facebook ads will help drive people to my e-books and paperbacks on and Kindle, help me become an Amazon bestselling author in no time flat. None of these people actually bought Facebook ads, btw. But they assure me it is a good idea if I bought Facebook ads. Can they be right?

I am a little bit skeptical.  I have been doing research on this and it is mixed at best.


If you Google "How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Books," as I did, you will get a healthy return of great websites and posts such as:

  • How Authors Can Use Facebook to Sell Books -
  • Successful Book Marketing Using Facebook Ads - the
  • How to Use Facebook ads to Sell More Books -
  • Facebook Advertising for Authors -

There is this one article Why Facebook Cannot Help You Sell Books by Michael Alvear for One quote that I particularly remember is this one:

Let’s review: Facebook shows your posts to less than 16 percent of your fans, and you have to pay to reach the other 84 percent. And even if you do, only two-tenths of 1 percent of the people who see a post about your book will even click on it.
Facebook gets you closer to book sales in the same way that jumping up and down gets you closer to the sun
I really got very nervous when I read that. This guy sounds experienced with this stuff and he really thinks that it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME to buy Facebook ads to sell books.

As I continued my research, I read the following by a guy named Mark Dawson, "Facebook is the single most powerful marketing and promotional tool that is available to authors, be they traditionally or self-published."

Hme...what does he know that Alvear doesn't. The article goes on to talk about some staggering sums he spends on advertising, like nearly 4 grand per month! This guy is not talking about folks like me who are just breaking into the business and are "virgins" with this marketing stuff.

I think the best advice I read was this by

Facebook Ads aren’t meant for selling low prized books like the common $0.99 and $2.99 books on Amazon. If you are still thinking about using Facebook ads to help you sell more books, you can do so NOT by directly selling using Facebook Ads, but using it to build your mailing list by offering something in exchange for your target book audience’s email and name and draw them into your sales funnel where you can finally sell them your books through relationship based email marketing.


OK. I think I get it. I will not be buying any Facebook ads not even for Infidelity.

Friday, August 26, 2016

I created a slide show of my books on youtube!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What do you think? Is it beyond cheesy or what?



Infidelity: Cheating, Love Affairs & Divorce


  • It is available on for $7.99
  • It is also available in the Amazon Paperbacks for $7.99
  • And of course the e-book version is available for $2.99 on Kindle.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I fancy myself to be an aspiring poet


So, in addition to wanting to write 100 books, I also fancy meself a bit of a poet but I don't dare call myself a poet so that is why the title These Are Not Poems seemed so perfect to me.  Cause really, I am not a bleeping poet and I know it.

This is my first book of poetry that I put out there but hardly the first set of poems I ever wrote. I don't know where the others are right now but I am sure that I will find them one day. What do you think of the cover? I changed it from the one below it. Do you think it is better?

What are the poems about? Life. The earth. God. The World. People. Nature.

You can find them on amazon.

Still waiting on Infidelity. Will publish on Thursday...


HOW TO BECOME A KINDLE MILLIONAIRE: 5 Best Practices According to the Research to create a successful e-book


I am not a Kindle Millionaire. I have barely sold anything on Kindle. This is why I am researching how the successful authors do it so that I can turn at least one of my 100 books (yet to be written) into bestsellers. Maybe it will be the latest one? Infidelity? I have found some new information I want to share about what seems to be the best practices - based on my research. Here are 5 best practices:

1. You have to figure out market demand for your book.

That means you have to research the market and look at demographic information to determine likely demand for your book and your book's niche.

2. Go on Amazon's website and get to know who the bestsellers are in your niche.

Then find out what it is that makes them bestsellers. Look at everything from the reviews they have received, their rating and ranking on Amazon, how they actually describe their books. Emulate.

3.  Study how other authors price their books and stay within that parameter.

On Amazon Kindle the "sweet spot" seems to be between $0.99 cents and $2.99. This is not the same for paperback, btw. Only for the e-books.

4. Use social media such as Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

This is essential but it seems that it is not the tool for direct promotion only for creating connections and expanding your network.

5. Create a blog that helps you promote the book. 

Blogs seem to get universal praise in the book-writing industry. If you have an e-book and you don't have a blog that corresponds, that seems to be a red flag.

This website is helpful:

Wanna Make $1,000,000 Selling/Self-Publishing Divorce e-Books on Amazon Kindle? You Have to "Game" the System!


I am still waiting for my last e-book Infidelity to go live on Kindle and now I am doing some research into marketing and selling e-books. I have to confess I don't like the marketing and selling part at all.

I just read this article and I think I am going to bring up my lunch. Apparently the only way to be successful selling e-Books on Amazon Kindle (and paperbacks on Amazon) is to "game the system."And get other people to write the books for you. Yes, that's Right. To succeed at this you have to outsource your creativity. Here are some of the points I got from that article. Some are good and as I said, some make me want to puke:


1. Get someone to create your cover for you on Fiverr. (It is only $5.00 apparently although I must say I am not ready to do this even though it could be a good idea. I like to create my own covers with create space)

2. Give due attention to the book's description on Kindle (I need to keep this in mind myself.)

3. Solve a problem for your reader. (Non-fiction self-help books seem to do well on Kindle and those that solve a problem for their reader seems to have a better chance to succeed. That probably means that I am not going to spend too much time on my Paris memoirs - cause nobody cares!)

4. Make sure it has an outstanding cover that has a bold design, strong colors and a sexy image. (I don't know if I have done this with any of my books! I think my covers are definitely not very sexy)

5. Copy-edit for little typos (this is where I will get into a lot of trouble. I think I miss a lot of edits.)

6. Check out other people's books on Kindle and read the negative reviews and learn from these reviews (I would have never thought of doing that!)

7. Understand that the Kindle business is an impulse business (that means that your books can't be too expensive since people are not going to impulse buy very expensive books. Fine. But I wonder what it the cut off price? It doesn't say in the article.)

8. Create a niche. (I like this idea and while I write about a lot of different topics, I do write mostly about divorce since that is what interests me the most, and so I think I am in the "divorce niche." Is it fair to say that, do you think?).


1. Hire a ghostwriter from either elance, Craigslist, or Warrier Forum. (It is good to know this option exists but for now, I am going to try to write all 100 books myself. I hope people are not gonna be thinking that I am outsourcing my stuff cause this is too hard!)

2. Outsource the book and just do the editing (as I said, I want to do the entire book myself but you could have a different plan so if this works for you, go for it)

3. Pay for your reviews. (Well, first of all I have no money but second of all, it seems unseemly.. I mean, who knows? I could change my mind one day but for now, I think this is a little bit not ok.)


I don't know what this all means. I am just sharing. These are just the tips I just picked up as I begin my research into how to market and sell my Kindle e-books and I am sure one or two writers will read this blog at some point, and I would like to share what I learn with you. It is a whole process and I am sharing the experience as I go along.

So that's all for now. Talk soon and have a nice day.


Check out my book on Amazon:

Do Free Giveaways of e-books (Free Downloads) Help Authors to Sell More of their Books?

Hello Everyone!

So I just finished Infidelity. It will be published on Thursday on Createspace, Amazon paperbacks and Kindle. Yeah! I am not going to start the next book till the weekend. The next book is Alimony but I am going to take a few days to rest my head and think with a different side of the brain for a little bit.

Right now I am making lunch and while that works itself out, I am researching how to market and sell e-books online. As you can see I have been doing a lot of writing but not exactly the same amount of selling. Giggle, giggle.  I am definitely not a good saleswoman, OK? I have no idea about sales. But I have been trying to learn about it.

A lot of people who have been successful in marketing and selling e-books on Kindle, advise free downloads and free giveaways - as a sales and marketing strategy -  for a limited period. What do you think about this? Have you done this yourself? Was it effective as a sales and marketing tool?

I am thinking of making Infidelity a free download for 24 hours on Thursday on Kindle. What do you think? I sort of think that when things are free people may not value it so much and it could possibly not work. But I think it would be fun to give it a try.

So I have decided. I have just decided right now. In real time.  Infidelity will be a free download for 24 hours on Thursday in the Kindle Store. Yeah! Get it while it's hot!

I hope you will read it and give it some good reviews. Help me make it an Amazon Bestseller.

See you later! Talk soon!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Katy Perry's "Fight Song" and I am pumping to finish the divorce book: INFIDELITY

Good morning!

I just woke up and hit my laptop almost immediately. I am listening to Katy Perry's "Fight Song" and I just blogged about it for Divorce Saloon.

Right after I eat my breakfast, I have to continue with my current project Infidelity.

I need to finish this by midweek, at the latest.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to Market and Sell an E-book on Kindle - 12 Steps For Beginners


I have been writing like an absolute nut job this weekend. I am still working on the book Infidelity. I have tentatively completed the cover as I said in the previous post, and then it occurred to me, heck, how are you gonna sell all these e-books Missy? How are you going to turn all these books into Amazon bestsellers? What the heck are you doing slaving away like this? For what? Who is going to read this stuff? Where are your readers Missy?

And so I stopped and I thought, "OMG." And so, I put the manuscript aside and did some research, and I just deflated like a balloon because selling e-books sounds like hard work! It is way harder than writing up all this stuff!! My god! And sheesh, I write a lot of stuff from divorce books, to books about food, society, law, language,  you name it. I have a lot of topics, ideas and books. But it is not worth it if I am the only one reading. I must be out of my mind!

Well, if you are also writing up a storm, if you are a writer in the same boat, here is what I have learned so far about selling these e-books on Kindle or anywhere for that matter. Read with a grain of salt and see if there is anything on the list that you think will help you:


1. Participate in AMAZON KDP Select - always. Stand for Kindle Direct Publishing.  Research it if you don't know what that is. Start here.

2. Blog about your book (yeah! I am doing that instinctively. At least I get one out of 12!)

3. It's all about SEO - on Amazon, Google & Facebook ads - and this needs the right keywords so you have to research keywords in your niche and when you do your marketing you have to incorporate them into your materials including your blog. As you know my niche is basically divorce books.  But it is not all I write about. Still, I have to find the right keywords for that and god knows, I don't know where I am going to find time to do that along with everything else I am doing at the moment.

4. Apparently, you also have to join Ingram in addition to Amazon and Createspace (e-book distributor) and Bookhub. (I read that on Huffpost.)

5. Then, you have to get friends and family to review your book and give you lots of stars - if you can. My friends and family are just saturated with all my projects so I am not going to bother them but you should tap yours if you haven't reached saturation point.

6. Also, you have to constantly update your Author Central profile on Amazon. You are going to need a nice author photo which I don't seem to be able to upload because of the pixels, but...

7. Then, you need to price your book right some people say $0.99 and others say no less than $2.99 (who knows which is correct?).

8. You need to understand that e-books are not going to make you rich. If you sell 100 books, it is plenty. Do it for fun, not to make a lot of money.

9. Investigate alternatives to Amazon such as, woocommerce, shopify & paypal.

10. Help out other authors by offering to review their books in exchange for a review.

11. Look into this thing called e-junkie for self-publishers. (If you want to bypass amazon) and make friends with Paypal (I had a bad experience years back and I never looked back so I am not sure I could ever work with Paypal but you might be able to so go for it!)

12. Start an email marketing campaign so that you can connect directly with your readers who are in some cases your customers.


To tell you the god's honest truth, this is a lot for me to handle while I am trying to write 100 books. I don't see myself being able to do this without absolutely losing it once and for all. Am definitely gonna lose it, I think. But if you have the energy, focus and moxie and you are trying to market and sell your e-book online, these are some of the things I read you will have to do and it took what? 30 minutes of research? To get all these goodies. Bite in, darling!


Read my new book about BULLYING which is available on kindle and in paperback