Saturday, August 20, 2016


So, I was supposed to be working on my Paris memoir but I found myself working on the Infidelity divorce book, which was next in the pipeline. It is an interesting topic and I think I will enjoy working on it but guess what? My fingers are cramping on me. So  I have to stop. If not I could incapacitate myself for months. And I still have 80 books to write. How the heck will I ever find 80 topics to write about? Why in the name of all that is sane did I give myself this 100 book challenge?? My friggin' hand is seizing up already!

Read an excerpt:
Infidelity is one of the key reasons for divorce in the United States and possibly in every other country in the world. However, at this juncture, all states in the United States are now no-fault which means that, while infidelity remains a "grounds" for divorce in some states, parties in a divorce no longer have to prove fault in order to obtain a divorce in any state in the Union – and this applies even if the “fault” is as grave as infidelity or adultery.
For some uncanny reason, when couples cheat this often leads to the implosion of their marriages! What is up with that? This is a worldwide trend.  Historically, infidelity has meant execution. This dates back to biblical times where, under all three of the world’s major religious doctrines - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - adultery  was perceived as so grave a wrong, that the punishment was swift and severe and bloody such as by death by stoning or other inhumane means.
In more modern times, infidelity has still carried quite a bit of stigma and could subject the transgressors – especially women – to extreme consequences. In 1256 for example, infidelity is rumoured to have been the reason that German noblesse Maria Duchess of Bavaria lost her head after her husband had her executed.

Here is the tentative cover. This is my favorite part - creating the book covers. What do you think?

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